April 15, 2016

I wasn’t alive in the 1970s. Hell, I was barely alive in the 1980s. But, if I close my eyes and imagine hard enough….I’m there. You see, I'm a master pretender and with the right outfit I can see myself partying it up at Woodstock. Or twirling in a field of lavender while singing along to “Rhiannon.”

That last part is where MBNYC comes in. We have an incredible selection of off-the-shoulder pieces. Each one is more crafted to make you feel more and more like Queen Stevie herself!


So don’t be afraid of the whole “going retro” thing. If you’re going to commit, go big or go home, girl! Swing by our bottoms section and pick yourself some flare leg jeans (yes, they’re back. Even we were scared to accept it initially). Then, add a comfy pair of sandals to round out your look!



And if you’re still reluctant about this trend, don't take my word it. Even some of your favorite and most stylish celebs are jumping on this throwback bandwagon.

Serayah McNeil from Empire took her off-the-shoulder dress to the red ( carpet and she couldn't look any more stunning!



Dakota Johnson took an edgier approach and created an outfit that gave new life to the term "street style." Leather jacket and high-waisted pants? Yes, please. 



And lastly we have Bella Hadid who went for the more relaxed and casual route. Here, she opted for the ever-classic distressed denim jeans and combat boots combo.

Go out and be the 1970s flower goddess you've always dreamed. MBNYC's off-the-shoulder collection is perfect for the warm weather and you can mix and match pieces for optimal outfit potential!